The absorbent abilities of wood shavings have been further enhanced with an addition of turf. With the optimal addition of turf, this mixed litter stays light, has a nice scent of wood and does not stain the littering environment. The litter travels well in the waste disposal system and decomposes better than plain wood shavings. Ruti-Mix turf wood shavings are extremely economical and stay well in place on the floor.

Weight of the bale appr. 25 kg
A pallet contains 30 bales

Distribution vehicle: 11 pallets = 330 bales
Semi-trailer combination: 22 pallets = 660 bales
Full trailer combination: 33 pallets = 990 bales

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My choice is RUTI-Mix
RUTI-Mix weighs enough and lasts for a long time.

Epira is a reliable vendor
A great advantage of Ruti-products is their consistant quality.