Keeping dogs in good health

When a dog lives outside in a dog house, it has to have a soft, dry, and warm place to rest. Using hays or straws spreads dust in the air, which may lead to eye irritation. Ruti-Rex is a special fibre developed from wood shavings. It is thin, soft and it lasts for a long time. Epira makes ecological products from natural raw materials. Ruti-Rex is made entirely from wood without added chemicals, so it can be disposed in a compost. It can also be used as an excellent fire starter.

"Ruti-Rex is developed by Epira. It keeps dogs dry and prevents damage to their feet. It acts as an insulator, absorbs moisture well, doesn't spread dust to the air and keeps dogs smelling nice" says Pirjo Ruuska, the CEO of Epira. As a dog person I value the health of dogs highly. Local production, ecological values, and flexible deliveries are Epira's advantages. Ruti-Rex has become more and more popular among customers in the recent years.

Ahti Lehtomäki, an avid hunter and the development director at Epira, has personally noted the good qualities of Ruti-Rex. He installed a camera to his dog house and his dog seemed to enjoy his bed made from wood shavings. A good nights sleep is vital to a dog. "A healthy and well rested dog has enough energy to run in the woods."