Epira is a reliable vendor

Niilo Humppi and Päivi Humppi have 30 cows at their farm at Humppi in Karstula. They have used Ruti-products at their farm Salintupa for over 20 years. They live near Epira's factory so deliveries are fast. Ruti-products don't spread dust in the air and they absorb moisture well, which keeps the animals healthy. They think Ruti-Mix is the most absorbant product. Plain turf is dusty and may make the animals dirty. Niilo Humppi has noticed that using turf requires more work to spread evenly and it has sometimes contained too much moisture. A great advantage of Ruti-products is their consistant quality.

Epira has been a good and reliable vendor, says Humppi. In the past a farmer has had to prepare for winter breaks, because saw mills and other suppliers keep production breaks near the winter holidays. At winter the need for absorbants is at its highest, about a pallet each week, tells Niilo Humppi. Epira has promised it can supply Ruti-products through the entire winter.

The best qualities of Ruti-Mix are its good absorbing abilities, being dust-free and consistant quality, says Niilo Humppi. He has recommended Epira's absorbants to many of his neighbours. He warmly recommends the use of Ruti-Mix, and has used it for years for his animals.

Reducing price of milk has terrified the farmer. A robotic barn has been his dream for nearly ten years, but he hasn't have had the courage to commit the millions needed for the investment. The milk from Salintupa farm has been top quality for over 40 years. Being a producer of the highest quality of milk is an honor for Niilo Humppi. The well-being of animals is important as is regular maintenance of farming equipment. Ruti-products help achieve these goals, they keep his cows dry and healthy.