My choice is RUTI-Mix

Hannu Jokinen from Pajumäki in Mahlu has been using RUTI-Mix exclusively for a year. Mix weighs enough and lasts for a long time. It's soft, dries well and stays in place. The difference to plain turf or wood cuttings is clear. "It is better than just using turf" Paula Jokinen confirms. Compared to using turf the air stays cleaner and walls don't darken that much. Dry turf is antibacterial, but if the turf gets wet it will be prone to bacterial growth, Hannu Jokinen reminds. He has also noted that handling Ruti-Mix doesn't cause skin irritation like plain wood cuttings. "It is a big deal for us, but ultimately everyone has different reactions". Using birch would be ideal because it doesn't have many allergens, but the supply of birch is low.

Pajumäki is an old farm from the late 18th century is Saarijärvi. It houses 75-80 cows, which is a good amount in terms of required labour. Lately the farm has invested in a new milking station. Added space and light and automatisation of labour has sped up daily routines and milking of the cows goes smoothly for both the workers and cows themselves. A fully robotic barn would require a fast optical fibre internet connection.

Deliveries from Epira have been reliable and flexible. Orders have always come on time as promised. Epira delivers Ruti-Mix in weatherproof pallets wrapped in plastic, so they can be stored outside. Hannu Jokinen recommends Epira's products. Even though Ruti-Mix is a bit more expensive than regular wood cuttings, it fits well in Mr. Jokinen's workflow and it's easy to store. Bales wrapped in plastic are easy to handle. When the workflow is efficient, you get savings in labour costs.